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Fisher Foundation for Sustainable Development in Africa • Launch of the Fisher Foundation | Blog

Launch of the Fisher Foundation | Blog

Posted September 1, 2013
This is to announce that the Fisher Foundation for Sustainable Development in Africa has been formally launched as a non-governmental organisation in Nigeria. The foundation is aimed at developing and driving innovative solutions to critical challenges facing developing countries today. Fisher Foundation is a research-based NGO and comes up with solutions through structured investigation and project development.

Fisher Foundation has operated informally for over 3 years in the South-East and South-South regions of Nigeria. During this time, its programs have created jobs through integrated agriculture, developed profitable models for waste eradication, empowered teenagers to discover their true potentials, amongst others. Mr. Charles Onu, the head of Research and Technological Development believes that "by incorporating this NGO, we have taken a bold step to further our work in the past years through inclusive partnership and development collaborations."

The Foundation will be using this formal launch to accelerate progress on its three (3) major projects, which address:
  1. Child Health: A research into cost-effective ways of diagnosing pathologies in newborns from their cry.
  2. Youth Unemployment: A program that has been building entrepreneural capacity in youths, by encouraging and empowering them to profitably address social and environment problems in their society.
  3. Energy: A program which is very close in the development of an integrated Bio-gas model for rural electrification, agriculture and wealth creation.

According to the Director of Fisher Foundation, Mr. Kevin Ekwenwa, "this will be our opportunity to harness Africa's best minds for the upliftment of our people from the myriads of socio-economic problems facing us today."

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Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.